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Here you'll be able to find in historical documents.

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alte-buecher.pngChurch records

evangl. and kathol. church records, civil records,  baptismal, marriage and death registers

alte-buecher.pngAddress Books

Historical Address Books, Books citizens,Population lists, various civil acts

alte-buecher.pngLocal heritage books

Family Books, town or village clan Books

alte-buecher.pngGender Books

German sex with big names Büche register

alte-buecher.pngMilitary records

Military records, casualty lists, death lists of fallen soldiers

alte-buecher.pngSchool records

Student directories, annual reports, university matriculation

alte-buecher.pngvaluable finds

Chance finds, graves lists, police reports, emigration lists, tax lists

alte-buecher.pngdeath pictures

historical memorial card of the deceased, of fallen soldiers

Heymer.jpgFamily databases of genealogists

These data collections are by our members. Among them, a real treat for any genealogist. A complete collection of church records Heilgenbeil with many photos and details

messtisch.jpg      Messtischblätter




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